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Advisory Board


Dr. A.S. ‘Narain’ Naidu, PhD, FACN, FLS


Dr. Naidu is a medical microbiologist and immunologist. He is the Founder/Chairman of the Naidu Group of Companies. He brings more than 30 years of scientific research and experience in academia, government and industry to the Group. Dr. Naidu has served as a professor on the faculties of California State University, Pomona, USA; University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, USA; Malmö General Hospital, Lund University, Sweden; Pécs Medical University, Hungary; and the Institute of Preventive Medicine, Hyderabad, India. He is an elected Fellow or Associate of 18 professional and scientific societies and a research consultant to public health agencies and major pharmaceutical enterprises.

Dr. Naidu is also a member of the advisory panels for several multinational corporations and an invited speaker at universities worldwide. He is the author/editor of three reference volumes, a prolific writer of thirty book chapters, and an investigative author of over 100 peer-reviewed research publications. Dr. Naidu’s research on “natural” bioactive compounds, lactoferrin and food safety has garnered international recognition and his discoveries are the basis for the establishment of five start-up biotech companies in the United States. He holds multiple core patents in health-related applications.

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Dr. Borostyankoi Veterinary Advisor

Dr. Frank Borostyankoi, DVM, DACVS 


Dr. Borostyankoi is a veterinarian practicing in Southern California with special interest in small animal orthopedics, minimally invasive surgery and post-surgical rehabilitation. He is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. With a referral base of close to 3000 veterinarians, he performs hundreds of orthopedic surgeries for small animals every year.

Due to his vast experience, Dr. Borostyankoi has become a respected consultant in small animal orthopedics for the Southern California veterinary community. His research and experience with surgical methods has contributed to the development and advancement of better orthopedic methods and technology. He has invented and improved several orthopedic implants. He greatly contributes to the continuous education of fellow veterinarians and lectures in the US and abroad.

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Dr. Pelle György, DVM


Dr. Pelle is a veterinarian practicing in Nyíregyháza, Hungary. He is a diplomate specialist of small animal therapeutics with a special interest in small animal orthopedics, traumatology, as well as canine reproduction. He is the owner and head of the Animal Clinic of Nyíregyháza, which is the leading small animal therapeutics reference center of the region in partnership with the Veterinary University of Budapest as a tutor and practicing clinic.

Dr. Pelle is a professional consultant to hundreds of veterinarians. His clinic receives patients with special surgery needs from all over the country, even from neighboring countries, such as Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Serbia. 

As a surgeon, Dr. Pelle introduces and implements the latest surgery methods during his daily work in a very close collaboration with Dr. Frank Borostyankoi. He participates in the development of new orthopedic implants and contributes to the education and lectures of the new implants’ and methods’ adaptations. Since 2005 he has been one of the leaders of the Hungarian Small Animal Orthopedic Association, former secretary, and now serves as the vice president. 

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