Welcome to the BONEO Canine® Blog!

August 06, 2013

Hello fellow dog lovers and furry friends! Neo and I would like to personally welcome you the the brand new BONEO Canine® Blog. We look forward to sharing educational posts and helpful tips with you and hope you will join us on this journey to better the lives of dogs everywhere!

When we launched BONEO Canine® less than a year ago, we knew we weren't just introducing an innovative bone and joint supplement for dogs. Our company actually began developing the product in 2009 for our own rescue dog, Neo (you can read Neo's story here). At that time, Neo had undergone several orthopedic surgeries and was recommended to take supplementation to augment his recovery. When we began exploring options for Neo, we were disappointed to learn that the vast majority of existing dog supplements only addressed the joints - not the bones. In response, our team of health professionals, who have over 3 decades of medical experience, came together to create a product that supports the entire canine skeletal system.

Though we originally designed BONEO Canine® for Neo, we truly want it to benefit all animals. Neo is not my family's first dog; we are animal lovers, and our home has always been full of furry loved ones (and some not so furry ones too)! That's why, after Neo's experience, we felt a passion and responsibility to help improve the lives of other dogs. Since the launch of BONEO Canine®, we have enjoyed every minute of informing consumers about proper canine health and nutrition. We are blessed to have the support of many veterinarians and dog-lovers, whose dogs have experienced the benefits of this product, and have joined us to spread the word about BONEO Canine®.

This blog is an effort to connect with the BONEO Canine® community. We'll be delivering informative and fun articles on dog health, nutrition, lifestyle, and more! We'll also have the veterinarians, doctors, and scientists on the Bio-Rep Advisory Board contribute valuable information and their expert advice. We hope this blog will empower you with knowledge, so you can provide the best care for your dogs!

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Thanks and have a WOOFtastic day!

About the Author

Sreus Naidu, President, Bio-Rep, Inc.

Sreus Naidu has an educational background in biotechnology and clinical pharmacy. He has worked in the health and wellness industry for over a decade and is passionate about bringing innovative and evidence-based supplements to the market. Most importantly, Sreus is the proud big brother to Neo, the rescued husky who inspired BONEO Canine®.