Introducing Boneo Cares

May 26, 2015

It was Mahatma Gandhi who once said, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Dogs are some of the most genuine and kind animals on earth - they are willing to offer a lifetime of love and companionship and ask for nothing in return. Unfortunately, many dogs are still waiting for their furever homes. It takes work and dedication by great animal rescue organizations around the world to truly make a difference in the lives of these dogs.

Here, at Bio-Rep Animal Health, we believe that helping animals (especially those that don’t have homes) and giving back to the rescue community is part of our mission. Our company and product, Bo-NEO Canine, was inspired by Neo, a rescued Siberian Husky, Neo (read the full story and see pictures Neo). When Neo came into our lives, we set out to develop a better product to help our own dog and help other dogs in need.

Since our launch in 2014, we’ve been happy to support animal charities and rescue organizations throughout the country by supplying bottles of Boneo Canine to rescue dogs in need, donating free product for silent auctions, and providing samples for fundraising events. We see all these organizations as Neo’s friends and we love to give back and show these dogs love and attention.

Sreus Naidu, Chief Executive Officer of Bio-Rep Animal Health, said in a press release “Neo is the true definition of a rescue dog who found a forever home and a family that adores him. As we continue to grow, we hope to share his story more so that he can be a good representative for the hundreds of thousands of dogs that are still waiting for their turn. We actively seek ways to give back to rescue organizations and instill a sense of responsible dog-ownership in communities so that no dog ends up the way the way we found Neo.”   ï»¿ï»¿

Some of the organizations we have supported this past year include the Green Acres Boxer Rescue of Wisconsin for their 14th Annual Boxer Bash, the American Bullmastiff Association, National Specialty Show, Love Your Pet Expo, Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, and Puppy Power Rescue.

As Bio-Rep Animal Health continues to grow we are looking forward to the opportunity to give back and support dogs in need and all of those who give them the personal attention they deserve. 


About the Author

Cameron St. George, Staff Writer

Hi I'm Cameron and I graduated from the University of La Verne with a degree in Legal Studies and a minor in Marketing. I enjoy socializing and all of the other things Southern California has to offer, but the real exciting part of my day is when I go home to see what my dog Sam has been up to (yes HER name is Sam and before her I had a St. Bernard named Elvis who was also a girl). Sam is a five year old German Shepherd and Husky mix who still thinks and acts like a puppy. I'm always curious to see if I lost a remote as a chew toy or how her attempted escape to take herself for a walk went. Sam is the inspiration for many of the ideas of the blogs I write.