Boneo Canine + Good News for Pets

May 29, 2015

Websites like Good News for Pets (GNFP) help remind us about the great things happening in the world for animals. GNFP has covered stories from seven formerly homeless dogs that made their way to fame to large dogs dominating the popular list. Stories like these are so refreshing when the world seems overrun with gloomy news. For this year’s Be Kind to Animals Week, GNFP reached out to Bio-Rep Animal Health (the maker’s of Boneo Canine) to find out more about Neo, the rescued Husky behind Boneo Canine, and share his inspirational story with the world. 


For the special feature, GNFP interviewed Bio-Rep Animal Health’s CEO Sreus Naidu. In the interview, entitled How One Abandoned Siberian Husky Inspired Change in Modern Canine Formula, Sreus shared the story of Neo, the rescue dog and inspiration behind Boneo Canine.

He explained how Neo was rescued from the side of the road by the Naidu family in 2011 after he had been hit by a car. After adopting him, the family began the hard journey towards ensuring his recovery, including multiple failed operations on his shattered leg, where bones would not properly heal or fuse, leaving Neo facing the possibility of amputation amputation.

During the process, the family refused to give up on Neo and the idea that he would run again on all four legs, yet were astonished at the lack of products on the market to promote bone growth. As destiny would have it, the family that found Neo and took him in, also happened to be in a position to help him. Armed with a top-notch scientific background and veterinary team, the family developed a bone nutrient mix for Neo. At the request of Neo’s orthopedic surgeon, the product was commercialized and introduced as BoNEO Canine.

Neo’s inspirational story is an example of what Be Kind to Animals Week hopes to accomplish. Since it was first started in May of 1915 by the American Humane Association, its goal has been to promote the bond people share with all of the animals around us, pets and wildlife equally. In an effort to help other dogs in need, GNFP hosted a giveaway of the same product that helped Neo.

Neo’s story is a great illustration of why being kind to animals is important. There might be another dog out there like Neo that is waiting for his second chance at life and has the potential to inspire change too. 

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