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Loss of Appetite in Dogs: 7 Tips to Get a Dog to Eat

January 15, 2015

Loss of appetite in dogs is pretty common. But if your dog has stopped eating, and you’re used to seeing him gobble up his food, this might cause you to be concerned. Although a dog skipping a couple meals isn’t completely unusual, a loss of appetite in dogs is sometimes due to an underlying condition that may need veterinary attention.

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Holiday Pet Safety: Foods to KEEP AWAY from Your Dog

November 22, 2017

It's the Holidays! That means potlucks, family dinners and delicious food...lots of it. For dogs, this time of year is their favorite. Not only does their whole family get to skip work/school and stay home to play, but everyone is feeling extra generous with table scraps. Even though a table scrap here or there is fine as a treat, it's important to remember that what's good for you may not be good for your dog.

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9 Easy Tips for Preparing a Dog for Surgery

October 22, 2015

Preparing a dog for surgery is a big deal, no matter if it's orthopedic, pulling a tooth, or removing a kidney stone. If your dog is scheduled for a surgical procedure, don't let the recovery process overwhelm you. In our previous blog "Surgery Recovery - How to Care for a Dog After Surgery" we discussed tips and tricks on how to help your dog post-surgery. This week we have the top 9 tips on preparing a dog for surgery. With these tips and a little pre-planning you can be less stressed and more focused on your dog's road to recovery. 

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