Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November 03, 2019

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, this is a time when we can celebrate all of the great things a dog has to offer when they reach their golden years. Anyone that has ever had an older dog will tell you with age comes new and lovable quirks your dog will develop. Though it is hard to watch our companions’ age, we can appreciate every moment we have with them. Also, in a dog’s senior years, there is no better place to be than in a loving home.

Adopt a Senior Dog


Shelters are full of senior dogs for adoption, which people have deemed as too old to adopt. They are viewed as past their prime and not as good of a pet as a younger pup would be. Adopting a senior dog offers a lot of benefits you don’t get with younger dogs. The majority of senior dogs are already house broken and are well adjusted to living with people. This is the perfect pet for someone who is looking for a low maintenance companion. This is where “Seniors for Seniors” programs come into play.


A dog can be the greatest companion, but for some older people, young energetic dogs can be just too much to handle. An older more seasoned dog though can be the perfect companion for many seniors. A dog will give them company and someone to talk and interact with. If they are lonely due to the loss of a loved one or their family isn’t close, a pet can keep them company on those lonely nights. It has been shown that pets are able to reduce depression rates and give senior pet owners a better quality of life. Also, if they are living alone they will feel more secure having a dog in the house.


Having a dog is shown to have mental and physical benefits. They are able to help you be more relaxed and keep you physically active. Your mind benefits from having another around to care for. Physically you are more active for taking the dog out for a walk and playing with them. Like seniors, senior dogs won’t be too rambunctious but still promote physically activity.

Senior dogs also benefit from being in the care of a senior citizen. Older dogs may not enjoy the active lifestyle of a young family or the rough play of children. Dogs will enjoy spending their golden years by the side of a person who is in their golden years as well. Most shelters have programs where they will adopt a senior pet to a senior citizen at a discounted rate.

Studies show that there are health benefits to seniors owning older dogs.

"The presence of a pet was the strongest social predictor of survival...not just for lonely or depressed people, but everyone - independent of marital status and access to social support from human beings,” reported Co-researcher at Brooklyn College, New York Dr. Aaron Katcher, M.D.


For many people, having a pet will help them to feel less lonely and socially isolated, especially for the elderly who are less mobile.

“To them, a pet is a great companion, giving them unconditional love and friendship that they would otherwise miss through reduced social contact," reported Chairman of the Society of Companion Animal Studies (SCAS) Mary Whyam.

According a study from Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, “We all need something to live for and something to focus on, besides ourselves... Pets offer us unconditional love, which is of significant benefit to our overall well-being."

In honor of Adopt a Senior Pet Month, Bio-Rep Animal Health encourages you to adopt a senior dog for yourself or a senior citizen you know. 

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