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June 15, 2018

In many ways our dogs are like our children. We bring them to social gatherings, take them to restaurants, and even have them join us on vacations. So it’s no wonder as a pet parent you would also want to throw your dog a birthday party! Even if you don’t know your dog’s actual birthday, many people use “the day we got you” as the big day. In this blog, we’ll give you tips and tricks on how to throw the perfect birthday party for your dog; from selecting the guest list, location, entertainment, to the food.

The Invitation

Doggy Guests: 

For those who regularly throw parties, they know the key to a successful and stress-free one is to have their guests get along. The same thing goes for a doggy party. Therefore, it’s best to invite dogs that have already been introduced to each other. You should also be cautious of inviting any dogs that are known to be aggressive.

Human Guests:

If you’re inviting children to the party, make sure to consider their age limits and experience with dogs. You’ll want to be direct about this in your invitation. This will help balance the amount of supervision needed for the children and dogs.

Special Notes on the Invitation:

Are your dog’s toys taking over every corner of your house? In lieu of a gift, ask your guests to donate the toys (or make a donation) to the local animal rescue or humane society. Be sure to mention this in the invitation.

Location, Location, Location!

Once you’ve figured out your guest list it’s time to pick a place. Picking the right location for the party is essential. Here are some great ideas for locations:

  • Backyard (check out our blog on how to make a backyard safe for dogs)
  • Rooftop terrace
  • Dog beach
  • Dog park
  • Basement (great for colder climates)
  • Dog training facilities. There are dog training facilities that offer doggy parties, such as the Zoom Room. They do all the work for you - even the clean up! Contact your local dog training facilities to see if they offer this service.


  • Set up a “Happy Birthday” photo backdrop. This way your two-legged and four-legged guests can have fun taking pictures with the Birthday Boy/Girl, and with other guests as well.
  • Place a basket of dog toys on the floor or ground so the dogs can easily grab a toy.
  • There’s nothing dogs love more than a good game of fetch! This will also keep your human guests occupied.
  • Set up a canine agility course.

Food and Beverages

For the Dogs:

No birthday is complete without a cake for the Guest of Honor. That’s why there’s pupcakes. If you’re making your own pupcakes or homemade treats just be sure you’re not using excess sugar, salt or any of these harmful foods for dogs. Also, be sure to leave water bowls throughout the premises for your doggy guests - especially if it’s a hot day.

For the Humans:

Try out these fun dog-themed food ideas with tags or signs attached:

  • Hot dogs
  • Pawtato chips
  • Pupperoni pizza
  • Pupcorn
  • Pawsta salad

Keeping Your Dog Healthy For Every Birthday

Reaching another birthday means your dog is getting older. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make sure your dog gets enough exercise to maintain a healthy weight. This way, you will be able to enjoy your dog’s company as he/she reaches the golden years.

Also, giving your dog a good bone and joint supplement is extremely important (Boneo Canine). This can help them maintain strong bones and joints for years many birthdays to come!

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