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July 03, 2018

Independence Day - a time to gather with loved ones, fire up the grill, and enjoy firework festivities! For humans this is a fun and exciting day, but for our furry friends it can be quite a frightening experience. To help keep dogs safe (and their tails wagging) this Fourth of July, we have listed some safety guidelines below. 


Did you know more pets go missing on Fourth of July than any other holiday? Therefore, before the big day, make sure to take the proper precautions to ensure your dog is readily identifiable by your neighbors or animal shelters in the instance he/she goes missing. 

  • Be sure your dog has a current I.D. tag with the complete contact address and phone number.
  • Get your dog microchipped (this usually costs $25 to $50, depending on your veterinarian). This implanted microchip serves as a permanent identification for your dog.
  • If you are entertaining at your home, ask guests to keep an eye on your dog, so that your pet does not inadvertently escape through an open door. 


  • Bones: Although a rib or chicken bone may seem like a nice idea to give your pet (especially when they are giving you their puppy-dog eyes) - RESIST! Giving your dog leftover bones can cause serious issues such as GI obstruction, choking, and cuts in the mouth.
  • Scraps: Many dogs have sensitive stomachs and don't do well with table scraps or "people" foods. If you can’t resist giving your dog a little off your plate - make sure that any meat you give your dog is skinless and boneless. Also, keep fat drippings collected from the grill away from your dog. Consuming these high-fat meat drippings could upset your dog’s stomach. Check out our blog for a full list of holiday foods to keep away from your dog
  • Be Aware of the Grill: Will you be entertaining guests with a BBQ? If so, be sure to keep a close eye on your dog. Delicious smelling foods on the grill are generally irresistible to pets. Unfortunately, however, a hot grill can cause severe injuries or burns. 


  • Lock ‘Em Up: Before the fireworks begin, make sure your pets are inside the house and all the windows and doors leading outside are closed. You should also make sure all the windows and doors are locked so they can not escape. 
  • Play Music or Leave the TV On: Exploding fireworks are frightening for most pets, so keeping a background noise from a radio or TV can help drown out the loud sounds from fireworks. Play something calming and mellow, and avoid any music or television programs that may further stress out your dog. Also, make sure the volume level is loud enough to mask the noise from the fireworks, but not so much that it will hurt your dog’s sensitive ears. Some suggestions include classical music, meditation tunes, or even nature sounds.
  • Do NOT Bring Your Dog to the Fireworks Show: As previously mentioned, the loud sounds from firework can be frightening for most pets, so it is best not to bring them to a fireworks show. Fireworks festivities also tend to be crowded, which can further escalate your dog’s stress level. They’ll be much happier and safer if they are left at home during this time. 

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July from all your friends at Boneo Canine!

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