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How to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party for Your Dog

June 15, 2018

In many ways our dogs are like our children. We bring them to social gatherings, take them to restaurants, and even have them join us on vacations. So it’s no wonder as a pet parent you would also want to throw your dog a birthday party! Even if you don’t know your dog’s actual birthday, many people use “the day we got you” as the big day. In this blog, we’ll give you tips and tricks on how to throw the perfect birthday party for your dog; from selecting the guest list, location, entertainment, to the food.

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Boneo Canine Trade Show Recap 2017-2018

June 07, 2018

Can you believe it’s already halfway through the year? This also means we’ve wrapped up our cross country trade show tour! We want to share with you what the Boneo team has been up to in 2017 and 2018. Read on to learn about our travels, and the industry and consumer events we’ve attended.

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Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

October 12, 2016

Halloween is full of fun and excitement for us, but it might give your dog a fright! That’s why it’s important to take some holiday safety precautions. We’ve compiled some “tricks or treats” to make sure your pup has a safe and happy HOWLOWEEN!

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