BONEO Canine® Voted Favorite All Natural Product in National Contest

September 16, 2014

Here at Bio-Rep Animal Health, we always thought our flagship product BONEO Canine® was number one, but now there’s proof! BONEO Canine® Maintenance Formula was recently voted number one in the United States thanks to all of our fans and supporters. We are proud to announce that we recently won first place in the 2014 Total Expo Top All Natural Products Contest while competing against over 40 other pet products. Our Maintenance Formula received over 900 votes, beating the next top contender by more than 150 votes.

Backer's Total Pet Expo, September 19-21 2014

September 19-21, 2014, will be an exciting time in Chicago, Illinois as we head to the Total Pet Expo. One of the most widely-recognized and longest-running shows of its kind, the Total Pet Expo, includes a Product Innovation Area, Pet Store on the Floor, a New Exhibitor Area, and an All-Natural Area.

Here, at this festival of pet products, we will receive our award for winning the Total Pet Expo's Top All Natural Products Contest. There will also be a press conference on Saturday September 20th at 1 pm near the media room. We are honored and excited to be a part of this incredible event. If you are attending this event, please be sure to visit us at Booth 1207!

About BONEO Canine® Maintenance Formula

BONEO Canine® Maintenance Formula contains everything needed to replenish, rebuild ­and revitalize your dog's bones and joints. We all know how hard running, jumping and laying on hard surfaces can be on our pet's bones and joints, so we want to give them all the help we can. For that reason, we designed Boneo Canine® Maintenance Formula to support your dog’s entire skeletal system.

BONEO Canine® Maintenance Formula is different from traditional glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM products that are out on the market. This all-natural protein-based supplement is the first of its kind to deliver support to BOTH the joints AND the bones - a unique "all-in-one" product. The key to this multi-functional formula is patented Neo-PORTIN Complex, a blend powered by ribonuclease-enriched lactoferrin (R-ELF). R-ELF is an all-natural, lactose-free, milk-derived protein that has been clinically shown to promote strong bones and enhance bone turnover activity, while offering the benefits of traditional supplements by stimulating collagen synthesis and promoting healthy joint function. This R-ELF complex enhances the absorption of nutrients (particularly metal-based minerals), allowing for smaller and safer doses of calcium and minerals. Finally, BONEO Canine® is glucosamine-free so it is an excellent option for owners looking for safe, effective, and all natural glucosamine-alternatives for their dogs.

At Bio-Rep Animal Health, we take pride in the quality and effectiveness of our product line. We are so happy to be number one in canine joint and bone supplements. Thank you to each and every one of you who voted for us. And a special paw-five from Neo, the rescued husky who inspires all of us here every day!

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