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Supplements for Senior Dogs

Many people believe that when dogs age, it is inevitable for them to slow down, experience pain and ultimately lose their liveliness and enjoyment of life.  This is not always true.  With the right veterinary care, exercise and nutrition regimen, and proper supplementation, you can help keep your senior dog as healthy and as happy as possible.


Like all of us, senior dogs tend to show their age in their bones and joints.  Osteoarthritis, or an inflammation of the joints, is a common senior dog health issue. However, dogs can also suffer from joint damage in their younger years that hastens the process of joint degeneration.

As dogs age, the connective tissue between the bones and joints begins to lose its elasticity.  Over time, as joints rub together, wear and tear begins.  Once this process starts, it tends to proceed until inflammation and pain develops.  In turn, the pain may cause the dog to move unnaturally, further deteriorating the joints. It is a vicious cycle that is often accepted as "the norm" for aging pets.

However, there are steps you can take as a responsible pet parent to help address joint pain and lack of mobility. By taking your dog to the veterinarian for regular preventive check-ups, providing high-quality and balanced nutrition, and making sure that your dog gets enough exercise and maintains a healthy weight, you will be able to observe the difference in their health in the golden years. In addition, giving your dog a good bone and joint supplement can help them maintain strong bones and joints for years of good health, mobility and happiness. 


When it comes to the best medicine or treatment for canine bone and joint issues in senior or aging dogs, there are many options out there from NSAIDS, surgery, orthotics, physical therapy, holistic options, and a host of supplements. It can be confusing to make decisions, such as which medicine is best for joint pain or which supplements are best for supporting bone and joint health. The best way to create a regimen to support your dog's bones and joints is to find a veterinarian who really understands your dogs age and condition. A high quality food, adequate exercise, regular wellness visits, and supplements, can all be important aspects in preserving your dog's health. 

Choosing the right supplements for senior dogs can be confusing.  There are many products on the market claiming to help older canines, but not all of them work.  If you are choosing a supplement, there are certain things that you want to look for, such as the right combination and dosing, science-based effective formulations, and high quality ingredients.  Natural supplements should always be a part of your dog's daily regimen for peak health, through all stages of life, but especially after your pet begins to age.  


As for supplement options go, Boneo Canine® Maintenance Formula is a premium supplement that can support both bone and joint health of your dog. Giving the right oral supplement products can help your dog in several ways.

Senior Dog Supplements

By keeping your pet's joints healthy and working well, you can keep your dog happy and healthy throughout their life. The key to this is to start early and maintain good health before your dog starts to show issues. Check out our blog for more tips on how to establish a good preventive care routine for your dog


Look for a supplement that is good quality in terms of ingredients, has a proper website with information and sealed packaging, and isn't making outrageous claims about curing cancer or any diseases (such claims are not ethical). The most important thing when it comes to a supplement for your dog, aside from it having safe ingredients, is to have accurate dosing and palatability (or taste). 


Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, so dosing becomes very important. Especially when it comes to senior dogs, they can be susceptible to liver and kidney problems from over-supplementation as they are already losing the optimal functioning of these symptoms. Therefore, finding a 1500 mg glucosamine tablet or 500 mg calcium tablet may not be the way to go. Talk to your vet about making sure that you are getting regular bloodwork done to look for an nutrient deficiencies or excesses in your dog. Then you can find a supplement that has the right quantities to support your dog's specific needs.


The supplement you choose for your senior dog should be simple and easy to give so that you will stick with it for the rest of your dog's life.  It is easy to stop giving a supplement if your dog fights you every single day, making both you and your dog miserable.  You want an easy-to-swallow tablet or other form of supplement that you can simply hand over to your pet to be devoured as a yummy "treat."  This will encourage both you and your pet to stick with the supplement regimen.  It is very important to keep your pet on a good supplement once started, or you may lose the ground you have gained. If you do have a dog that is finicky, check out our infographic on How to Get Your Dog to Take Any Pill or Tablet.

Boneo Canine is liver and sausage flavored, and comes as a chewable tablet, so it helps to tackle this issue. Moreover, it is easy to crush up and mix into food, so even the most finicky of dogs will be able to take this product every day.


While many supplements contain ingredients such as glucosamine and MSM or methylsulphynolmethane, these supplements may not be enough in supporting complete bone and joint health because they only target joint lubrication and mobility.

If you intend to continue your dog on glucosamine, consider adding Boneo Canine® Maintenance Formula to your dog's current glucosamine regimen so you can provide bone support as well. This glucosamine-free formula contains a patented lactoferrin complex that strengthens the bones by promoting bone remodeling and bone turnover, while maintaining the health of the joints by supporting the production of cartilage-producing cells and down-regulating inflammation.

Boneo Canine® Maintenance Formula is a great choice as a glucosamine alternative for your senior dog as it addresses much more than a traditional glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM joint supplement. Since it has no glucosamine, you can use it synergistically with your senior dog's current regimen and also by itself. This all natural product based around a patented lactoferrin blend called Neo-Portin® Complex. This all natural blend of proteins contains ribonuclease-enriched lactoferrin or R-ELF. R-ELF has been shown in clinical studies to support healthy bone density and manage inflammation, a key to good health in dogs.  The lactose-free formula is easy to digest and goes to work immediately, supporting healthy bone density and helping to keep your pet in optimum health. The all-in-one protection for your dog contained in this supplement includes essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, as well.

Boneo Canine® Maintenance Formula bone and joint supplement can be given to your dog every day for the rest of its life in the form of a liver-flavored tablet that dogs love.  The number of tablets you give each day is determined by your dog's body weight.  For small dogs, give just one tablet a day; for medium dogs, two; and for large dogs, three.  This easy-to-follow system is designed to ensure that it is simple to give your pet the right amount of joint supplement every day.

With the help of Boneo Canine® Maintenance Formula, you will have the right combination of ingredients in a single supplement to support your dog's health needs. A dose per day of this all natural formula may help your senior dog maintain good joint and bone health.