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The Boneo Story

Boneo HQ

When we launched BONEO Canine® less than a year ago through Bio-Rep Animal Health we knew we weren't just introducing another innovative bone and joint supplement for dogs. We actually began developing the product in 2009 for our family's own rescue dog, a spirited Siberian Husky named Neo (you can read Neo's story here). At that time, Neo had undergone several orthopedic surgeries and was recommended to take supplementation to augment his recovery. When we began exploring options for Neo, we were disappointed to learn that the vast majority of existing dog supplements (glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM) only addressed the joints - not the bones. In response, our team of scientists and veterinarians, who have decades of medical experience, came together to create a product that supports the entire canine skeletal system.

Boneo Canine® is different from anything else on the market...this protein-based supplement is the first of its kind to support BOTH the joints AND the bones - a unique all-in-one product. The multi-functional formula contains exclusive Neo-Portin® Complex, a blend powered by ribonuclease-enriched lactoferrin (R-ELF). R-ELF is a natural, lactose-free, milk-derived protein that has been clinically shown to help maintain strong bones and enhance bone turnover activity, while still offering the benefits of traditional supplements by promoting joint comfort and supporting healthy joint function. The technology behind this product is so innovative that it is backed by six US patents.

Though we originally designed BONEO Canine® for Neo, our company's mission is to bring forward a product that can benefit all animals. Neo is not our family's first dog; we are animal lovers, and our home has always been full of furry loved ones (and some not so furry ones too)! That's why, after Neo's experience, we felt a passion and responsibility to help improve the lives of other dogs. Since the launch of BONEO Canine®, we have enjoyed every minute of informing consumers about proper canine health and nutrition. We are blessed to have the support of many veterinarians and dog-lovers, whose dogs have experienced the benefits of this product, and have joined us to spread the word about BONEO Canine®.