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Lameness in Dogs: When to Visit the Vet

February 04, 2016

If you've got a dog limping, then you may have heard a veterinarian or friend bring up the term “canine lameness”. Lameness in dogs is a broad overarching term for when a dog starts to walk abnormally or limp. Canine lameness can be caused by a number of things and is almost inevitable at some point in a dog’s life. In this blog, we will discuss canine lameness from a veterinary perspective, when it is serious, and what to expect at the veterinarian’s office.

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Holiday Pet Safety: Foods to KEEP AWAY from Your Dog

November 22, 2017

It's the Holidays! That means potlucks, family dinners and delicious food...lots of it. For dogs, this time of year is their favorite. Not only does their whole family get to skip work/school and stay home to play, but everyone is feeling extra generous with table scraps. Even though a table scrap here or there is fine as a treat, it's important to remember that what's good for you may not be good for your dog.

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Dog Surgery Recovery: An Easy Guide to Medication and Supplements for Dogs

October 05, 2015

If your dog is scheduled for surgery (or has recently undergone surgery), you may be overwhelmed with the recovery process. In our recent blog post How to Care for Your Dog After Surgery, we lined up some tips and tricks to make the healing period go smoothly. But when it comes to dog medication and dog supplement options, we felt this topic needed a blog post of its own! Read on for our guide to giving medication and making the right supplement choices for dogs post surgery.

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