Doga: Yoga With Your Dog

July 11, 2018

Are you looking for something new to do with your dog this summer (aside from going on walks and/or playing fetch)? Then ‘Doga’ might be the fun physical activity for you! This week we will discuss what Doga is, how it can help improve the bond between you and your furry friend, and its many physical health benefits. 


‘Doga’ translates to doing yoga with your dog. However, Doga doesn’t entail your dog performing the actual human poses, rather this practice incorporates gentle stretching and massage for your dog. Yoga and dogs go great together because Doga appeals to their natural desire to stretch. PERK: you don’t need to keep your dog on a leash for this activity!

If your dog resists the activity do not force him or her. It usually takes them a few classes to get used to it. Even if your pet doesn’t want to participate, your yogic breathing (a technique called ‘Ujjayi’) will help keep your furry friend calm and relaxed.


  • Improves the bond between you and your dog: Doga promotes an increased consciousness and awareness between the pet and owner.
  • Mitigates negative mental states: Doga helps reduce anxiety and stress for both you and your dog.
  • Yields many physical benefits: While the physical exertion of performing Doga may not be as strenuous as playing fetch, it is extremely beneficial for injured dogs, dogs with hip dysplasia, and/or aging dogs. It’s even great for pets that are obese as it helps to burn fat and build muscle.

You can read more about the importance of physical (and mental) exercise on our blog.


Doga can be a great addition to your dog’s exercise regimen. Active dogs need extra nutritional support, which is why it’s a great idea to give your dog a bone and joint supplement. Boneo will provide support for joint flexibility and mobility, as well as promote the formation of healthy bone tissue. Boneo Canine also contains antioxidants which are beneficial for active dogs who experience oxidative stress (an abundance of free radicals). Antioxidants help minimize oxidative damage to cells during intense activity and during recovery. Check out the video below for the science on how Boneo Canine works!

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